Monday, December 24, 2012

It's TrouBling

I have Loved and Been Loved by many.

  But- now- I Sit Here Alone.

  I’m alone with my thoughts and insecurities.

 Wow- what a life with MeN.

  The journey has been troubling.

So Many to love- So many have Loved me.

 But- Still I sIt Here Alone. Some have loved Me.

  Some Have USed me. Some Have PaiD me.

  Some have AbuSed Me.

Some Have CAred for me.

 But- Still I Sit Here AlonE.

  Some Have been teaChers. Some have been broKe.

Some have been “baLLers”.

  But- Still I sit here alone.

  I have been LOVED and I Know that I stiLL Am.

But-Now-I sit hEre Alone.

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