"She is a dynamic and real speaker who gets the attention of her audience with her warm and personal approach". (Martha Oral, English Professor)

"Julinda was a phenomenal speaker". (Gina Ronzano, Counselor)

"She has touched the lives of my students when reading poetry".(Lauran Bell, English Professor)

"Once again, you were great. The kids were still talking about it". (Sarah Prasad, Reading Professor)

“Poetry comes naturally to Julinda as evidenced in Rough Edges. Julinda’s talent shines through with each passionate poem. I’ve enjoyed working closely on this collection of poems and I look forward to the opportunity to do it again”. (Deanna Herrera, Editor)

"The book is truly inspirational! Your positive attitude really comes through in your work. Thank you for a great read".(Kimberly Ann DeAnda, PTA Mom)

I love my Husband and it feels Amazing.   Love is an action word - with so many emotions.   I love my Husband and it feels Amazing!...