Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Beauty of A Woman

The beauty of a woman is so unique; she is able to rock too many beats.
Beauty is not all that a woman exemplifies, but able to handle most any circumstance and not glorify.

She doesn’t brag about the hard work she does; taking care of the kids and that man too, cook dinner, and a job, and some EVEN go to school.

Beauty is not skin deep; it’s in the walk and talk too. Self-confidence has to count to get through.

She wakes in the morning, gets the kids together and that man too. Sends them on their way, so she can start hers too.

And yes, she carries some weight in the boardroom.
She gets through her day and then starts again when she has to get the kids.
On to the house she goes, gets in and changes her clothes.

Her honie walks in and ask what he can help do? Homework with the kids she says, and that will do.

Managing her life as well as her home has beauty too. She keeps everything going and most times it’s smooth.

Life does not always go the way planned, but when you have a strong woman at hand she can make it seem like everything is in the plan. She has plans for A, B and C, she is ready and foresees.

And at the end of the evening she and her man make all their love flow and once again the beauty of a woman shows.

The Journey

The seed is dropped
More seeds enter the flow
Only one can make it
The seeds go
As the current is strong with plenty of heat
The desire to make it-may be bleak
It may not be today-that the seed makes it
But plenty more will cum to race
The race happens most everyday- sometimes twice
When he cums
The vessels that hold the fluid could care less if the seed makes it
The release of the cum makes the journey greater
Being intertwined and the blood flowing fast
And the hearts beating harder
Pushing and pushing makes the vessel stronger
The motion in time bring it all in line
As the vessels begin to quiver and the sweat breaks
The fluids push together as the vessel gets deeper and deeper
Then once again a strong current flows
But the seed never makes it to the golden box
But the vessels will soon cum together again.

Life Stories

Life is beautiful
Life is colorful
Life is experience
Life is forgiveness
Life is failure
Life is love
Life is rewarding
Life is renewal
Life is lessons
Life is challenging
Life is learning
Life is living
Life is accomplishments
Life is you.
Love Life.


Thick is me
At least that is what they tell me
No, baby you’re not fat at all
I like the round booty and the big thighs an’ all
Who ever told you that you were fat LIED to you!
I like the shape of your behind and you’re fine too
See-Some like em’ small or even skinny, but see
My man likes plenty
And-Plenty of me - Makes my man hungry
And – Full is what he gets from all of this
Full is what he gets from all of this.
Thick is what I am
Thick is what I be
Trust me- My man can’t get enough of me
He kisses me up and down
And-He has to do a lot to make his rounds
But-Thick is what I am
Thick is what I be
He sucks my toes and all around
It tickles my spine up and down
Thick is what I am
Thick is what I be
My man loves this thick chocolate Hershey

I love my Husband and it feels Amazing.   Love is an action word - with so many emotions.   I love my Husband and it feels Amazing!...