Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Journey

The seed is dropped
More seeds enter the flow
Only one can make it
The seeds go
As the current is strong with plenty of heat
The desire to make it-may be bleak
It may not be today-that the seed makes it
But plenty more will cum to race
The race happens most everyday- sometimes twice
When he cums
The vessels that hold the fluid could care less if the seed makes it
The release of the cum makes the journey greater
Being intertwined and the blood flowing fast
And the hearts beating harder
Pushing and pushing makes the vessel stronger
The motion in time bring it all in line
As the vessels begin to quiver and the sweat breaks
The fluids push together as the vessel gets deeper and deeper
Then once again a strong current flows
But the seed never makes it to the golden box
But the vessels will soon cum together again.

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