Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Sometimes I feel like I am going out of my mind

By the decisions I make

Bad decisions are like a tasty treat

Very sweet but not good for me


Bad boys are exciting but no substance for the mind

Different can be a treat but not good for me

More money for that job sounds comforting

Comprising my values is sickening

Why did I do that for you

I always turn out to be the fool by helping you


I gots to do better next time so I don’t lose my mind

Healthy is what I rather be

This other stuff is too confusing.



God is good to me
When I listen to him
Everything is alright
When I go my way
I become out of my mind
Wisdom is key
Understanding is necessary
It's on God's time
Not mine.

I love my Husband and it feels Amazing.   Love is an action word - with so many emotions.   I love my Husband and it feels Amazing!...