Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today - 4/25/2013

Today tears of joy came to my eyes
Tears of joy --- from God
I saw his gifts

I saw the colors

On his beautiful trees, roses and plants

Along with the many birds that sing his song

I felt his love

I experienced his love

I experienced his forgiveness

I experienced his grace

I have not a need today

I have food


a Job

a car

Beautiful children

And so much more than I could express

Today I shed tears of joy

I know that I am okay with God on my side



Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tears from Feeling

The tears I had shed were from feelings…..
So many feelings fill my head
So many feelings fill my soul
So many feelings…..
A time to sulk

A time to heal

A time to consul oneself

A time to reconnect the purpose

Today the sun shines

The rejuvenation

From the feeling of ……….








Feelings from the tears I had shed.

Tip for the day

Claim your position  Do not hold back Be empowered!