Monday, October 24, 2011

Venting About Him

Sista's can I vent for a minute?
I am so tired of being tired of these men.
They say they want a good woman.
What does that mean to them?
I cooked for him.
Cleaned for him.
We made absolute good love.
We made each other laugh.
We complimented each other.
So what seems to be the problem?
It seems to be him.
My last man told me all what HE wanted.
But- he had nothing really to offer me or him.
He was staying at my house.
His car was not all that.
Not considered to be an intellectual.
But - I loved him - for him.
That's what he wanted.
No judgment on material things.
Only love.
But - when one is not completely happy within theirself.
There is no amount of love or duties to stratify him.
He could not completely love me because he did not completely love himself.
That is why I vent.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I now truly understand the meaning of the foundation of confidence.
You must love yourself first and for most.
You must believe in yourself.
You must know that God does not make mistakes.
Only man makes mistakes.
Only man hates.
God is love!
Others near to you can be your worst enemy by tearing you down.
They may say you are loser, idiot, or perhaps just a simply waste of time.
When evil words are said against you - just - check look at the messenger.
Who are they to tell you who you are?
Someone once said I was an idiot, but I have a Bachelors degree, while they do not hold a high school diploma.
You must know yourself.
You must know that the higher power is love.
I understand the foundation of confidence.
If you have confidence and love yourself
No man can tear you down.
I thank God for the power of loving myself with confidence.

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