Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nectars Core

Let’s talk about it….
Let’s talk about how juicy and sweet
How the sweet juices flow from the nectar
The pleasure beginning with a touch
The softens of the lips and tongue
Caress the nectars core
The core quivers once the release begins
The release ignited from the pleasures
The pleasures of your touch
Blows my mind -- Every time.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Puzzle of Life

At the end of the day there are rules to every engagement of life and one must beware of the rules and follow accordingly.

I guess one can look at life as a game or perhaps a puzzle.
We have to find our own pieces and fit them together, but with a puzzle we get pieces mixed up that we think might fit and sometimes try the same piece over and over because we just want it to fit even though we have tried it before.
A better way- is to have a plan and sort the pieces out where you have a clearer picture of the pieces.
Those with a plan will begin creating the frame of the puzzle first and then work their way to the middle to get a productive end result.
With a plan - most times the puzzle can be done in a reasonable amount of time, but without a plan; one might walk away until another time or another day or may not come back at all.
That’s kind of how life is.
Understand the rules of life and follow accordingly.
Only you can design your puzzle.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby - I want to share something with you

I love the way you love me.

I love the way you encourage and inspire me to do better.

I love how you value what we have and no one else’s opinion mattes.

You love me for who I am and the way I make YOU feel.

 I love YOU for the way you make me feel.

I love how you protect our relationship and not allow any negativity to enter in.

I love how you profess your love for me.

You make me feel special as if I was created just for YOU.

Your love allows me to make it through difficult times.

Your love allows me smile when we are apart.

Your love secures me when in distress.

Your love is my Love.

 I love YOU.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Do you only care if you are offended?

Our laws Perpetuate Recidivism.

Punishment is Not a Solution if No Lesson.

We need to Provide Teaching for Success in Society.

Invest in People Who will Return.

Self-Esteem of EX-prisoner is vulnerable.

Give opportunity to Work.

Opportunity for shelter - a home.

Not your problem you say.

Well - It is.

Our Policies Perpetuate Recidivism.

What’s your thoughts on a Solution?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


There is No time for Small or Pity Games or Statements
Nor Tit for Tat
Step it up a Notch
There is a thing called Development
Meaning = Growth
It has been said that Some are
Childish or perhaps Selfish
In their way of Thinking
Today the Key word will be Development
Apply where needed.

Monday, January 14, 2013

No Other Love

Baby- I just want to be held in your arms and hugged so tight

oh and those juicy kisses.

Your lips touching mine.

The softness we share-

I can imagine your thighs touching the inside of mine as you grind.

The wetness from our love is overwhelming to the soul-

the energy between us is instant and real-

no other love can be shared by the two who are meant to be in love.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our Day

Our day will come when we can share and enjoy the simple pleasures of life with no restrictions or worries or distractions.

Our time will come when the sun will kiss our cheeks as the dust from the sands roam through our toes.

Our day will come when the moonlight will shine its stars so bright that our love will glow.

Our time will come when the warm waters from the springs magnify the love we share for each other.

Our day will come.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Your Love

My Love for you burns hotter than the sun.
The joy you give is greater than Disneyland.
Your Touch is as soft as a cotton ball.
Your Kiss is as gentle as a rose pedal.
Your Presence is like a hug.
I feel safe with you.
I believe in your dreams.
I desire you.
I trust you.
Your Love allows me to want You.

Prison Reform

Prison Reform is such a Joke in California.

Ok, fine…

·         The Realignment Act

·         Proposition 36

But- what about the laws that allows for recidivism??

California has the second highest incarceration. Why??

If- on Probation… One can return to PRISON for…

Breaking a program house rule- NOT a law.

If- One is a Drug uSer = Prison- Not Help.

Mental Illness = Prison. Government cut funds on programs.

Community Investments = Cut by the Government.

When an average person would get a warning or even a citation -
 A felon would go back to PRISON. WHY??

Oh, You have A past. You May do something Again.
You are a person- But Only one label applies- FELON.

No Housing assistance.

No Funding for Education.

No Job- Background checks.

But- One Can OverCome with reSilience and Prayer.

What is the purpose of Prison and Who is it for? 
To empower the stakeholders who profit for overcroweded beds.

Prisons are contracted with Private industry. More Profits made by low wage workers.

Prisons have been steady on the Wall Street market.

Judges and Prosecutors receives bonuses. From Who?

Who are the real Stakeholders that benefit of the failure of others.

Is Time really Money?

I love my Husband and it feels Amazing.   Love is an action word - with so many emotions.   I love my Husband and it feels Amazing!...