Thursday, January 3, 2013

Prison Reform

Prison Reform is such a Joke in California.

Ok, fine…

·         The Realignment Act

·         Proposition 36

But- what about the laws that allows for recidivism??

California has the second highest incarceration. Why??

If- on Probation… One can return to PRISON for…

Breaking a program house rule- NOT a law.

If- One is a Drug uSer = Prison- Not Help.

Mental Illness = Prison. Government cut funds on programs.

Community Investments = Cut by the Government.

When an average person would get a warning or even a citation -
 A felon would go back to PRISON. WHY??

Oh, You have A past. You May do something Again.
You are a person- But Only one label applies- FELON.

No Housing assistance.

No Funding for Education.

No Job- Background checks.

But- One Can OverCome with reSilience and Prayer.

What is the purpose of Prison and Who is it for? 
To empower the stakeholders who profit for overcroweded beds.

Prisons are contracted with Private industry. More Profits made by low wage workers.

Prisons have been steady on the Wall Street market.

Judges and Prosecutors receives bonuses. From Who?

Who are the real Stakeholders that benefit of the failure of others.

Is Time really Money?

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