Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Invest In The People

Invest in the people to help the people

There is a real need for positive resources

A good education and community centers – to deter crime

An opportunity for something better is what is needed

Prisons and Job cuts – Don’t help the people

Government problems – Politicians helping each other does not help the people

Corporations have more influence than the people

The old ways have not worked

Try something new by investing in everyone - at all levels – even the poor

People deserve a fair chance

Stop locking people out and telling them where to go or what to do

Give people a safe place to live without blithe or environmental issues

Give people the opportunity of a good education and a safe place to grow

Accept people for who they are without prejudice or Jim Crow laws

Invest in the people so we can all truly grow as one

Give the people the opportunity to celebrate the meaning of the American Constitution

Invest in the People so we can all be equal - together.  

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