Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No Need To Hate

Haters - I want to talk to you for a minute.
Jealousy and Envy is NOT a good look.
Hate has to do with one’s self esteem.
Perhaps - you may want to seek professional advice for that.
I understand we sometimes have childhood issues.
I understand we can carry Hurt and Pain on for too long.
But that is Not my problem!
If there is something that you Want that I have
perhaps you can Obtain that material item.
But - if it’s my Man you desire - You can’t have him!
Perhaps - you can find your Own.
But - if it’s my Swag you admire – Well.
I am trustful- loyal to Family and friends
Most will say that I am Responsible
Some might say that I am Funny and kind
My colleagues may say that I am intelligent
Others might say that I am creative and Resilient.
If - that is what you Admire so much-
You too can Become the same.
Just stay True to yourself
Just have some Morals or ethics about yourself.
No Need to hate.
I am here to Help you obtain what you desire.

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