Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life Tree

Life reminds me of a tree.
We start off as a seed just as a tree.
We need nurture and love.
Trees need the sun and the rains.
We need the warmth of love to continue on.
Trees when nourished will grow tall and strong.
People too are nourished by wisdom and knowledge.
When the tree is neglected it shows in its trunk and leaves.
Just as you when neglected a bitterness grows and true growth stops.
When the tree is fertilized and watered by the rains and the winds bush it leaves - its happy.
As the tree grows old the braches spread out wide to provide much needed shade.
The shade provides a safe place for a picnic or just a break from life.
You too when nourished can provide the same safety net as the tree.
Your strength from life can keep one safe.
Your knowledge can spread to protect many- perhaps family.
Just as a tree- what will your legacy be?
A short bush.
A tall redwood.
Or perhaps a oak tree.

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