Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NEW BEGININGS- Black Grad 5-30-2010

New Beginnings has great meaning and more meaning when able to graduate from San José State University.
As we leave San Jose State our next journey of New Beginnings begin.
Our college education has allowed us the opportunity to grow and learn about the world on a global scale. It has allowed us to improve our choices to help shape the world which we live.
It is now up to us to be the new leaders and role models for the next generation.
A College education has allowed us to appreciate and salvage what is good in the world and as Black Americans; we should want to support our people.
New Beginnings can sometimes be scary and at other times challenging, but New Beginnings are always exciting.
I ask each one of you to embrace what we have learned at San Jose State University and what the African American Studies department has instilled in us to be better people for ourselves, our family and for our community. We are the next generation to lead in the New Beginnings.
Let’s celebrate our New Beginnings and may the travels in-between be just as exciting as our years at San Jose State University.

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