Monday, August 3, 2009

Educate Sassy

Sassy is what you think you are or should be
Being cute doesn’t get you that far
Well, depending on what you do, but that won’t last for long
Educate your mind to have some type of guarantees in line
Looks may do for now-but not for long
Let me tell you girl
You’re still young
What do you know?
You think your poppin’ now with your natural glow
That won’t last for long
Soon you’ll be looking for some oil
For your dry skin and ashy toes
Take care of yourself girl
By not being so fast and head strong
Educate your mind so your beauty will last
Everyone will notice
Even you
You’ll see the fineness through and through
It will last and no one can take it from you
It will last, now all it has to do is enhance
When you’re sixty - you’ll still be fine with class
Remember when you thought you had a hot ass
But that didn’t last- that hot ass
Now see what you have and it will forever last
And your legacy will live through and past you
Educate your mind sassy girl- you

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